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What is Lokalii?

Lokalii is your best friend when you need inspiration to create that dream date, you are travelling and want to experience the real, authentic, back door, no sign, under the city kind of city, or if you are just escaping the weight of boredom on your couch.

Easily accessible and mobile, you will be able to search, locate and purchase a unique experience to suit all of your needs. Visiting Paris for the fifth time will feel like the first time. Arranging your friend's bachelor party will be a breeze. Real local people will offer you that real local experience.


We want you, your barrio, your city, forest, mountain, sea and every place in between. We want to introduce to you the fellow citizens who want to see something different, or adventurous travelers who are sick of the guidebooks and blogs. Give the world their newest memories, and most epic selfies. It's very simple, share your world on Lokalii.

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iPhone & Android